Jan 06

3 Effective Ways Overcome Failure And Come Out Successful

By Salvatore Baglieri | Blog , Failures

3 Effective Ways Overcome Failure And Come Out Successful2

If we lived in a perfect world, we never would have had to deal with failure let alone know what it means to fail. But have you every given this some thought that if all of us were spared from the wrath and trauma that failure brings, consequentially we also wouldn’t be able to appreciate success? That’s the beauty of failing, in the end we get to see beyond our mistakes and we come out stronger. Failure helps build our character and it molds us to become better and wiser versions of ourselves. Sadly, not many of us think this way.

For most, getting over a series of failures seems impossible and this is probably because people struggle to forgive. Inadvertently, they choose to wallow in pain and regret which makes it all the more difficult. These people have developed a negative mindset so instead of looking at the flickering light at the end of the tunnel as hope they choose to stay in the darkness.

However, I learned that people get stuck in a hopeless rut because they don’t know how to handle the pain that comes with failure. This blog will show you ways to help you effectively overcome failure and come out successful. Just because you made a mistake once, twice or even numerous times does not mean you are doomed to fail forever. Your mistakes do not define you as a person. So take it from someone who has had more than his fair share of failures. I messed up big time and I messed up so many times I lost count. But even then, I didn’t allow those mistakes to rule over my life. Here are effective tips that have helped me overcome my failures.

1. Don’t take your failures personally.

One way of easily sliding yourself out of a depressive pit is to just let your failures pass you by and not take them personally. Don’t identify yourself with your failure. Again, your mistakes and failures do not define who you are. Take comfort in the thought that even the mightiest of men fail yet look at them. Their failures didn’t stop them from chasing after their dreams so why would you let it affect yours? Personalizing your failures can cause irreparable damage on how you perceive yourself. My piece of advice is this; always detach yourself from your failure because you are bound for success if you strive hard.

2. Look at your failure analytically and study how and why it happened.

If there is one thing my dad taught me it is not to cry over spilled milk. What is done is done. But realize that it isn’t entirely true that you can’t do anything about the situation. Take for example you flunked an exam. Yes, you can’t turn a 75 score into an 80 but you can analyze what went wrong. And with that, you can use that analysis to turn it into something that is advantageous to you. Understanding the reason why you fail and identifying the factors that led you to fail are crucial to your future success. My advice is to accept you failed, study why it happened (even when the process is painful) and find solutions so it won’t happen again.

3. If you ever think about dwelling in your failures, think again. It’s not going to help you in any way.

Unless you want to figure out what went wrong then it’s okay but if your primary intention is to wallow for the sake of torturing yourself, it is best that you don’t. Getting over a failure takes time. And it’s normal; perfectly normal to recount what happened but only on the first few days. The next weeks should be about moving on. You cannot move on when you are still obsessing over what went wrong. You see, you can’t change the past but you have the power to change the future and that depends on how you handle failure. So try not to dwell on it so much. Give yourself a break. You failed, yes but don’t make it a permanent thing. Don’t allow it to rule over your life. Don’t let it stop you from doing better.

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