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Jul 29

Six Ways to Get Things Done On Time

By Salvatore Baglieri | Blog , Time Management

Six Ways to Get Things Done On Time2

There are moments in our lives when we ephemerally lose our inspiration. We feel burnout and bereft of willpower. Often people interpret this as demotivation. We lose our drive or as Austin Powers would put it, we might have just lost our mojo.

Getting work done when we’re at a demotivation state can be a bit tricky but there are six ways that can help you beat deadlines and submit reports even when you feel you’re too tired or too uninspired to do so. Feeling demotivated? attend Salvatore Baglieri's livetalks. Check upcoming events here.

Number one is to remember the reasons why you are there in the first place.

Why did you apply for this position? Why do you like your job? Why are you so passionate about it? Little by little your whys will give you answers and these answers will slowly unearth your long lost motivation.

Number two is to take one day at a time.

Sometimes our work can be suffocating because there is so much that needs to be done. But if you look at it that way instead of taking it one step at a time your motivation will surely dissipate because then the tasks would appear impossibly overwhelming. Divide your tasks into manageable chunks so you can reach the end results with ease.

Number three is to not overthink things.

Overthinking leads to overanalyzing and overanalyzing leads to confusion. And confusion leads you to feel demotivated. So when you are given a task look at it an uncomplicated perspective so it would be easier for you to come up with an output.

Number four is to never underestimate the power of taking breaks.

Every once in a while we need to get out of our shell and just take a break from it all. Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks. Take as many as you want as long as in the end you’ll get your inspiration back.

Number five is create a list of possible inspiration

Sticking to a single inspiration to keep you motivated will not last. So you need to brace yourself for this. Create a list of inspiration and add some from time to time if you’re in the mood and inspired and refer back to it when you feel demotivated.

Number six, the last but not the least is to just do it.