6 Tips From Successful Women Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You

By Salvatore Baglieri | Blog

Jul 29
6 Tips From Successful Women Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You2

It is clear to see that the business world is mostly dominated by the male species. And if you’ve noticed, most success stories are based from those told by legendary male business moguls. While it may be true that men have indeed spearheaded certain businesses toward success in the past, at present, women entrepreneurs are slowly making their marks in the business industry.

Here are six tips we gleaned from the most successful women entrepreneurs today that will hopefully inspire you that nothing is impossible and that gender is not a hindrance in achieving success.

1. Success is birthed from a brilliant idea.

The most successful of entrepreneurs started their journey with a brilliant idea in mind. It may be a product that they want the world to know or a certain type of service that is not yet popular in the market. Every successful establishment, product or service you see around you all started with one small idea that materialized later on. Once you’ve conjured an idea the next sensible step is to find ways on how to turn that idea into a business. That’s the time when innovation and creativity will come into play.

2. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from succeeding.

Don’t make room for fear if you want to succeed. Allowing even a modicum of fear can ruin your entire life and it can devastate you so much to the point that you just want to give up your dream. Learn to accept failure as it comes but most importantly learn from it. No one, not even the best of the best, is exempted from failure so there is a one hundred percent chance that you will experience it too. But don’t let failure get the best of you because if you do that, your dreams will always remain dreams and you will never get to enjoy it nor see it flourish. Even large web design companies run by women such as Moonrise Productions experience some failures along the way.

Sara Blakely, one of the leading founders of Spanx who is currently the youngest female billionaire in America said, “It is always important to make mistakes.”

3.  Faith will take you to your success.

Without faith, success is impossible. Everything starts with an idea but if you don’t have faith in that idea or that any of it will become a reality then nothing will happen. In any business there will always be ups and downs and that cannot be avoided. From losses to many other challenges, all these are part and parcel of the risk you took in doing business. Take a look at even Sierra Living Concepts. But no matter where it leads you always have faith because this is what keeps everything together and what keeps it from falling apart. Everything is possible if you just believe.

4.  Learn to be independent.

Whoever said women have to rely on men to succeed underestimated the capacity of women to do their job and to bring success to it. Every successful woman entrepreneur stresses that you should learn how to be independent even in the small things because it helps build you up. Independence strengthens your self-esteem, your confidence and your character and with it you can achieve your business goals.

5. When you work, work for a cause.

Success isn’t all about the money or the fame although that comes with the package. A lot of successful entrepreneurs have created a positive impact in the world because they work for a greater cause. You see, when you own a business you don’t just make money for yourself, you share it with those who work for you. In a way, it helps society, your community and those around you.

6. Success comes with hard work.

A common denominator among successful business entrepreneurs is how they dedicate so much of their time and effort into working hard. Hard work will get you the success you once used to dream of. If you want to make it big and make a name for yourself you have to exhaust your energy into hard work. Be inspired by Estee Lauder’s advice on success, “I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” Get Free Upcoming  E-books From Salvatore Baglieri here and learn the benefits of working hard.

Today, it is not only the men who rule the business world but instead they are sharing it with equally powerful women entrepreneurs. Women are just as aggressive and as determined to build their empire as much as men do. Women who come from different backgrounds and education levels have proven themselves successful in their field all because they have the knowledge, the drive and the willpower to do it.